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Polonez Parcel Service inc Customer Service Contact:-

Hotline Phone number: (413) 732-3899
FAX Number: (413) 731-7609
Email Address: info@polonezparcelservice.com
Main Office Address: 143 Doty Circle, West Springfield, MA 01089, USA

About Polonez Parcel Service

Polonez Parcel Service is one of the largest courier company sending shipments from the United States (over 300 locations around the USA) to Poland and 42 other European countries. Polonez delivers all parcels directly to the recipient. If you want, you can pick up your parcel by yourself from Polonez main warehouse in Częstochowa, Poland. It supports shipment for any type of vehicles, such as: motorcycles, ATVs, or Food Items.

Services Offered by Polonez

Parcel Shipment – commercial and personal shipments from the USA to Poland and other eastern European countries.
Vehicle Shipment – shipments of any vehicle: Cars,Trucks, Bikes, ATVs, Scooters, Jet skies, Snow mobiles, Boats, etc..
Shipping Container Rental – delivering the rented shipping container to USA and after loading time, deliver it to any address in Poland or any other country.(Customs and port fees in the USA is included. But Sender must take care of destination country fees)
Resettlement – It Helps you with resettlement process. You must submit necessary documentation to process.
Food & Gift Parcels – Delivers gourmet food, Fruit Baskets, fresh flowers and gift baskets.

It deliver your parcel by ocean or air to European Union Countries like Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Greece – mainland, Great Britain, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Serbia, Russia, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Moldova, Macedonia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Belgium, Belarus, Austria, Armenia, Andorra, Albania.

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