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Angola Post (Correios de Angola) Contact:

Telephone Number: (+244) 222 337 575
Email ID:
Head Office Address: Lg Fernando Coelho da Cruz, nº 12 – 1º, Província de Luanda – Angola

International Mail Processing Centres in Angola

Starts With “L”
Luanda A/C – AOLADA
Luanda Transit – AOLADB
Luanda Surface – AOLADE
Luanda/encemendas – AOLADF
Lobito Surface – AOLOBC

About Angola Post

Angola Post (Full name is Empresa Nacional de Correios e Telégrafos de Angola (ENCTA) or simply Correios de Angola) is started postal services in 1796, 219 years ago and responsible for postal service in Angola. It was added to Universal Postal Union on March 3, 1977. Angola Post is committing itself to the continuous improvement of the offer and quality of its services.

Type Of Services:

Angola Post is Providing EMS and postal services to worldwide, Its services given below :-

Postal Services
Correio Normal
Correio Azul
Pacotes e Encomendas Postais
Correio Registado
Correio Empresarial

Express Services:
Estafeta motorizada/Viatura (Post Express)
Estafeta (Alocado)
EMS (Nacional/Internacional)
Carga e Logística

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